Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Roses And Thorns

Will you look at that! Democrats and Republicans giving a standing ovation during Obama's speech to the joint Houses of Congress. How I hope it was sincere rather than just for show.

I've done my share of complaining about the recovery packages that are being passed into law; the cost along with the amount of pork that has been included. And I've done a fair amount of complaining about the missteps our new President has made; or rather that his "people" have not prevented him from making. Therein lies the problem and I think it's worth hammering home.

I give Obama an A for effort. He's barely a month into his Presidency and look at what he has accomplished. Whether or not you agree with its substance, it is a phenomenal accomplishment. It shows me that, in keeping with his word, he has a plan.

The Republicans are beating their breasts and screaming waste. Well. Where were they with their plans when they held the power as the Democrats do now? Most of what was heard, that has not been kept secret, was bloviating from incessant hearings with little to show at the end. The war raged and the country withered.

I listen to all the snarky comments about the "Messiah" and how he's governing by photo op and that Michelle wore a sleeveless dress in February. Ho hum. At least he is bringing forward actual ideas. He is correct. And this is so important. The old ways that have been tried haven't worked. It's time to try something new.

They may work. They may not. At least the effort is being made by the Administration, as imperfect as they may seem to many of us. What more can we ask? A lot - from Congress.

I got a kick out of watching Nancy Pelosi lead each wave of applause. No wonder she stays so slim. She had a pretty good workout last night. But she, along with the rest of her colleagues in both houses ought to remember these ideas haven't really come from them as much as Obama and his teams of advisers.

We may not agree with all that is being put forth but without viable alternatives, obstructionism for the sake of same is disheartening to say the least.

I'm proud of our President, even in disagreement. I'm proud to have someone who can articulate, I'm encouraged that he is young and vigorous. I love the fact that his daughters are a picture of youth and vitality in the stodgy world of Washington politics.

I especially appreciate how astute they are. Dinner table conversation revolves around a game called Roses and Thorns. Each recalls a "rose" moment and a "thorn" moment from their day. Malia is reported to have said to her Dad, "You have a really thorny job."

They are of a generation yet to come into their own. Astute. The country is going to be just fine.


Linda said...

Oh, praise you. What a wonderful post. So well written. We must keep pushing this message.

Like you, I'm really nervous about some of Obama's close appointments, and the bigger the circle gets the harder it's going to be to keep control of it.

I just love this post. I wish I could tape it to the bathroom mirror of every bathroom in America.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Wow. Linda. Thanks!

Word Tosser said...

Yes, very well said....
As for the standing and sitting, I was beginning to think I was in the Catholic church, except no one was on their knees. lol... Also when Polesi jumped up at the words, of no more private jets... I thought to myself, why is she standing for that one, with her taking a private jet to Ca. each weekend and visit to the Pope. Glad I am not paying Calif. taxes for that.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Those aren't California taxes - they're ours!

Anonymous said...

Well give Nancy a 53 minute speech, she led the cheering section 61 times! CU

Dogwalkmusings said...

You were counting? And I thought I needed a life!

Sylvia K said...

You did super good today, babe! The best I've read anywhere in quite a while and I couldn't agree with you more! Like, Linda, I wish I could paste it on everyones bathroom mirror as a reminder every day!!!

Anonymous said...

No, someone else did the counting, an accurate count. On the serious side, I think this constant ridiculous cheerleading should be stopped. It is rude to the speaker and very disruptive to the train of thought. It happens with every president, clearly just an antiquated habit. Reminds me of TV laugh tracks. Indicates that they think that the audience is so stupid that they have to be "led". Applause before the speech and as much as you want after. Drop the during. Also reminds me of concert goers who applaud after each movement. You just want to glue people to their seats and tie their hands. CU

Bay Views said...

I'd like to add my admiration for a very well written post. As for as the constant up and down applause, that is considered proper behavior for congress when being addressed by the president. Only when one party is extremely displeased with the actions of the pres do they sit on their hands. The cheer leading is a part of the language also. It has been worked out in advance as to when and where the applause interruptions occur. You can bet that Pelosi had a written copy or a teleprompter to guide her as to the "emphasis" breaks.

Anonymous said...

They could sit on their hands at the end just as well as during. And a 53 minute speech interrupted 61 times is a little too much "agreement" for my taste. Borders on the ridiculous (which pretty well describes Pelosi). CU