Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Irony Of Ironies

When the news hit that Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sibelius had to scramble to settle some back tax "oversights" I just rolled my eyes. I didn't give her a pass because she was a woman; I gave her a pass because she was just one more cabinet appointee who ignores the fact we're all supposed to pay taxes.

As with the others, it was explained away and she was confirmed. One comes to the conclusion that to be in the Obama cabinet one must be "mathematically challenged" when it comes to taxes.

Unfortunately the story didn't end there. According to Forbes.com she also low balled a contribution to a PAC she had established while Kansas Insurance Commissioner to help raise money for other Democrats. By some $23,000. That she neglected to reveal this to the Senate Finance Committee when specifically asked can be tossed into the "So what else is new" basket except for one thing.

The contribution was from Dr. George Tiller, one of the country's few late term abortion providers. Somehow, to me this is as egregious as it can get. I'm pro choice for a lot of reasons. I am totally against late birth abortion if for nothing more than the pure inhumanity of it. So here we are. Our new Secretary of Health and Human Services, of all Departments, not only accepted the money for her PAC, no matter when it was. She was aware of it or she wouldn't have understated the amount. Then she lied about that. Another oversight by another Cabinet member. Do we really expect these people to govern effectively? They can't remember to pay their taxes. They can't remember how much PAC money they've been instrumental in attracting nor the implications of who the contributors have been .

I guess my final question would be, can they remember who they've been appointed to serve and why? I have an answer but there's no reason to state it. It wouldn't be remembered. And that would be considered, I'm sure, an oversight.


Word Tosser said...

Obama did say change.... this must be the most ever, of those for cabinet office that are in arrears for taxes.
Does he only ask for cabinet appointments that owe taxes?
this is said with tongue in cheek..just incase some one gets upset.

Margie's Musings said...

Kathleen is a great governor. She has done a lot for Kansas. She has seen to it that every child under 18 in Kansas has health insurance. I don't agree with all her decisions but certainly think she's the best governor we've ever had.

And..when she was insurance commissioner, she saw to it that I got my deductible back on an accident where three vehicles rear ended me on an icy bridge. I hit no one but the deputy that investigated the accident called it "no fault". She did not see it as "no fault since the front of my vehicle was untouched and the rear was completely destroyed.

I have appreciated her ever since.

Linda said...

There are more than one Obama appointment I'm concerned about. Kathleen Sibelius is one. Aren't we awfully late in bringing her into this health care debate?

Anonymous said...

Margie, I'm glad your problem was resolved. IMO insurance companies are the pits. But none of this dismisses or excuses dishonesty. And that is exactly what happened here. Please, I am so tired of the collective intellect being patronised by the "oopsie oversight" excuse. Funny, I'm just an everyday citizen and I have never made such an oversight. And she didn't know about the contribution? That stretches credulity to the breaking point. These people believe that the rules are for others, not for them. And the greater problem is, they get away with it. So she was confirmed. Why then, when this further information came to light, has she not been asked to resign. She lied, plain and simple, as did the others. During the campaign, it was said that Obama didn't have any experience. Apparently, he is an experienced politician, and that is not a good thing. A statesman...don't see it. CU

June Saville said...

It doesn't seem good enough to me. A politician can't criticise others whie not being squeaky clean themselves.

Betty said...

If we hired a bunch of auditors for the IRS and did some in-depth investigating, starting with the Congress and Senate,moving along into the private sector, I wonder how much of the bailout money we could recoup?

Anonymous said...

I suspect we could recoup rather a lot Betty! :-) Good idea. CU

Anonymous said...

A point I would add, people who make large contributions do so for a reason. And they make very sure that the politician receiving said contribution is aware of both the amount and the reason behind it. CU