Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Time For The Republicans To Get Serious

Not long before the elections Rush Limbaugh declared that no one but he would decide whether or not Christine O'Donnell was electable. He then touted her conservative tenor. Guess what. He was wrong. So was Sarah Palin using the same criteria. This is where the pundits do a disservice to the voters. They treat it like a game. It isn't. The welfare of the country depends on who we put in office.

Fortunately there are those among the ranks of the Republicans who recognize the game for what it is and speak out. Of course they get royally trounced. Like Carl Rove. Never known to soft pedal anything, he did back off his criticism of O'Donnell, though not completely. He's now back to trying to dispel the myth of Sarah Palin as Superwoman. He's still getting trounced. I hope it emboldens rather than dissuades him.

Kathleen Parker hit the nail on the head when she labeled Ms. Palin as dangerous. She of little substance and a surplus of words. None of which, I'd be willing to bet, are actually hers. The worry is she is already running a campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Two things need to happen soon. The Tea Party has to define itself by deciding if they want to be folded into the Republican party or stand on their own merit. Otherwise they will continue to send mixed messages which will lead to their being inconsequential. They also need to get real about who they support.

This is the coy season that always precedes presidential primaries. Potential candidates have to be careful what they say so as to not lose their lucrative gigs too soon. It's a good time to look at them and eliminate those we know cannot win - like Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, among others. It's really, really important because there isn't much to choose from at this point and the traits that make many of them dubious are traits not easily overcome.

We elected one rock star who was short on experience going in. We overlooked everything important, instead focusing on a pleasing personality and wishful thinking. Can we afford to do it again? You know what I think.

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Margie's Musings said...

You know what I think too. But there's no one else in the field I would vote for at this point.

I say we give Obama another four years. We gave Bush eight years and he simply dug us in deeper and deeper...war and debt.

Unless someone new comes out of the wings, I will vote for Obama again. He can't fix a mess like this one in two years or even in four.