Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Politician I Can Identify With ~ Maybe

Remember in the Obama/Clinton campaign when Hillary was sitting and chatting with a group of supporters, mostly women, and her voice cracked and her eyes teared? Her polls surged. She had, even though unintentionally, shown the human side of herself. Had she done it more often I think she may have won.

Remember too how the boomers wanted men to be more like women? Softer. Sensitive. More open with their feelings? Now it appears we may have one about to become the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner . I rather like seeing that in a man. One who can tear up over the Star Spangled Banner or even just from watching a sentimental movie. Of all things that can make a politician 'one of us' I think a genuine display of sentimentality just might be it. Forget the beer and bowling shtick.

Think about Ronald Reagan, whether you liked him or not. He knew how to feel the pulse of the people and show empathy. Bill Clinton did much the same with his "feeling your pain". We haven't seen much lately. It seems more of a chilly detachment in the President. Harry Reid seems detached too, or maybe just not in the present. That appearance can come with aging. Nancy Pelosi. Does she take over the 'Queen of Mean' title from the late Leona Helmsley?

I have a theory. When Mr. Boehner tears up over a subject I'll bet I'll be inclined to agree with his thinking. I know heartfelt when I see it. I'm an expert. All you have to do is see my Kleenex bill.

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Margie's Musings said...

I'll have to wait and see about Mr. Boehner. I don't quite trust him.