Monday, November 08, 2010

We Have Come To Fear "Fear Itself"

Juan Williams, news analyst for oh so politically correct National Public Radio, lost his job for saying on the Bill O'Reilly show that when he's in an airport and sees people dressed in Muslim garb he's uncomfortable. By firing him, NPR was not only being politically correct, they were placating the very ones Mr. Williams, and a good many of the rest of us, fears. Fear.

When our President travels with what could be a small town, mostly security, is it not out of fear? Especially when they go to such lengths as to build a portable, air conditioned tunnel for his armored limousine to travel through? That coconuts have to be stripped from the trees? Fear.

If we want to fly we're subjected to the equivalent of being strip searched or suffer over the top groping if you opt out. Out of fear. Of what? Certainly not me nor most of my fellow travellers. Fear.

The ultimate, however, is a state Oklahoma passing a constitutional amendment to prohibit state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding a case! It was approved by 70% of the voters.

Oklahoma is hardly a bastion of Muslim activity and the consideration of Islamic law has never been an issue. It was a preemptive act. Fear. Real fear.

I should think it shouldn't even be on any one's radar. I should like to think we are a nation of laws. Our laws. Those laws and those alone are upon which judgements are made. Do we really have to fear that is not the case?

That the lawsuit to halt it was brought by a Muslim does not surprise me. That his reasoning is that is stigmatises his religion makes no sense other then that his religion and his law are one and the same. His law, however, is not our law nor will it ever be. We don't sever limbs for stealing nor lash women for talking to an unrelated man nor stone women to death for shaky accusations of adultery. If we did Hollywood would cease to exist!

Snide remarks aside, this epidemic of fear needs to be cured and fast. We don't need our leaders telling us how afraid we are or should be of one another what's more the rest of the world.

Fear. Running rampant in the once proud, eminently strong United States of America. Fear. Don't let it become our self-fulfilling prophecy!

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Margie's Musings said...

Mari, one of my dear friends is Muslim and I assure you she does not believe that way either. Those you speak of as doing those horrible things are extremists.