Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Bye Old Friend

No, not Bacchus.  He left us two years ago this month.  It seems like yesterday and we still miss him terribly.  It's the couch.  His couch, really. He played on it, ate on it, we snuggled on it but mostly he slept on it.

We've had it for better than 20 years.  It was a purchase we made from the model house we bought in Simi Valley.  That was back in the eighties!  It has been recovered only once - when it moved from living room into family room.  Then we let our guard down and allowed the dogs on it.  Most came only when invited.  Bacchus owned it.

Recently I've had two good friends lose their dogs.  One unabashedly declared not only did he love his dog, but he was in love with his dog. Then wondered if we understood the depth of his feeling.  Of course we did.

The other, being a Buddist, is hoping her dog will return to her via reincarnation. Not being Buddist, I'm not sure how that works, but again, the depth of feeling.  Being widowed and totally alone she feels lost without him.  I worry about a degree of obsession with her but I understand the grief.

In time I hope the zest for life without their beloved pets returns.  Ours has though it has been  a slow process.  Mainly I think because we haven't and don't plan to get another dog.  There are a slew of reasons.

Reminders remain around the house though.  There are still some cans of food in the laundry room pantry.  His Mutt Lucks and grooming tools.  A couple of water dishes.  I still find tufts of fur stuck under a piece of furniture seldom moved.  And the couch.

We decided when he first got sick, when we knew the couch was due for replacement, that we wouldn't get rid of it as long as we had him.  And so we kept it, and kept it and kept it.  It was comfortable, well broken in and pretty thread bare.  Yet we were reluctant to make that move.

But it's time now.  New recliners suitable for old couch potatoes have taken it's place.  I'm happy with them for they too are comfortable.  I'll miss that old couch though.  It was a part of what made the house our home.  I miss the old dog too, who was even more so.


Margie's Musings said...

I can certainly relate to your feelings about Bacchus. I remember reading your blog while you had him and how brokenhearted you were when you lost him.

I have gotten fond of Slinky these past three years and will miss him terribly when he finally dies. He is 13 this year and Shar Peis don't live that long generally. He is beginning to slow down and show his age.

So yes, I can relate.

The Health Revival said...

I have had a dog all my life, and can't imagine my life without my companion, my walking buddy. I am sorry you
lost you walking buddy, and wish you the very best.
Your post really "hit home" with me and my dog "Chance" and it's amazing all the things you think about while walking.

marlu said...

Our Wally died last September and it has been a hard year. I guess the feelings are deep (and understood) by others who treat their pets like family.