Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Royal Dog House

I'm off for the remainder of the week.  Occasionally, usually when I remember, I'll post something different from my usual haranguing just to break up the routine.

This is the royal dog house at Chateau De Gruyeres in Switzerland.  I thought it funny that dogs would be relegated to such plebeian housing when pets of royalty!

Anyway, maybe you can think of who, including me, deserves to be in it over the next few days.  Post your suggestions if you'd like and if there's a good story to be had I'll write it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...appreciate your winsome sense of humor here, and can think of quite a few people who should find themselves in the doghouse at the moment, but am reminded of my Pappy's warning about when pointing my finger at someone that, upon looking down at my hand doing the pointing, three fingers were pointing back at me.

But you know what, he's fast asleep up there in heaven, so just this once I'll ignore his wise counsel, to nominate President Obama's political strategist for the royal doghouse for calling Mitt Romney a flip-flopper whenever he changes a position on an issue, yet treats the president's flip-flops as indicative of maturing, refinement, etc. Sheesh!