Sunday, February 08, 2015

Public Figures, Will You Please Grow Up?

What to address first?  How about the flap over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking before Congress and the Democrat promise to boycott it because Speaker Boehner didn't first run it past the President.

OMG, what a breach of protocol!  This from a President whose wife snaked an arm around the Queen on England, had then French President Sarkozy open a Parisian store so Michelle and the girls could shop on a Sunday.  Bowed before Kings.  Snapped selfies at a State Service for Nelson Mandela with obvious delight and chews his nicotine gum non-stop while talking with dignitaries. Don't forget having British Prime Minister Davis Cameron lobby members of our Senate to not pass legislation creating more sanctions against Iran.

Since Cameron did that the entire Congress should  be required to listen to Netanyahu because of anyone who knows the territory, the dangers and the likely consequences it is he. Protocol aside, the boycott is not only foolish but rude.  But then this administration has a major in rude.

Next is the pained lecture at the National Prayer meeting when we were told not to get on our high horses over this ISIS thing.  After all, such savagery has happened before and even Christians partook.  Right, they were even then being slaughtered.

The point he seems to be missing is not only the time line - then versus now, but the fact that civilized people fought such impulses within themselves and their societies and for the most part conquered them.  Without strong worldwide leadership, which the United States used to provide, it has again raised its ugly head.  And without strong worldwide leadership it is growing at an alarming rate.  Then too there is the aggression we see from Russia due to the same reason.

So let's turn the tables here, Mr. President.  How 'bout getting off your high horse? And the Democrats, and even Mr. Netanyahu.  Quit building settlements in disputed territory!  You too can help the situation!

Then on to those who report all this to us, the media.  Mr. Williams, your braggadocio behavior may fade from the news cycle, but I for one will never put any trust in your reporting nor your network ever again unless there is a total turnover of management, perhaps even ownership.

All these actions are reflective of self serving immaturity. If we don't do better in selecting leaders we'll find ourselves changing part of the pledge of allegiance to "one nation, under Benjamin Button...".

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