Monday, January 30, 2017

Mr. President, The World Is Not Happy With You And Neither Am I

It would seem the entire world is unhappy with our new President.  Not to mention a good portion of the citizens of this country.  And they are not just irate Democrats.

Those of us who try to be pragmatic are also worried.  I cringe when I watch this man approach a microphone and what he might say that is totally insane.  He seems to do that a lot then his minions race to mics of their own trying to clarify what he has said.  They are falling short.

This executive action on immigration is a perfect example.  I think I understand what he was trying to accomplish but his order was so vague it created chaos.  Was he in too much of a hurry to think it through?  Did he even talk with his advisers?  Did he choose not to listen to them?  Whatever happened, the end result is worrisome.

I was interested in having a person with actual experience in the business world run for President.  I remember when Lee Iacocca was considering a run, or people were at least encouraging him to do so.  He was a highly successful CEO of both Ford then Chrysler.  He also had the personality to be successful.  He wasn't full of himself or flamboyant.  Just a good solid businessman. That's the type of businessman we need.

Instead we get this guy who thinks he knows everything and as we're seeing, he most certainly does not.  I don't know how he thinks, himself, how he's going to succeed when he's literally butting heads with the entire world.  Does he think he can bully his way through?  That won't last four years. Does he have a clue that things need to be thought through?  Does he have a clue how foolish his Tweeting makes him look?  He says it's his way to communicate with the people.  Well, his actions communicate to us too and they have been reckless.

It can be depressing that we've got this man at the helm.  Many hoped he would grow into the position but I don't think he sees the need.  He's Donald Trump.

If we all  have our say aimed back at him maybe, when there are enough voices to penetrate, he'll adjust his manner. Likely?  No.  But I'll know I've had my say.  It's better than keeping quiet and stewing. Maybe.  

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