Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Are Democrats With The Country?

We as a nation have been witness to the most witless meltdown of our political system that one can imagine.  It would seem there is little doubt that the Democrats have set themselves up as the final authority on everything.  They are always right and the rest of us are dreadfully wrong.

I'm getting tired of the show.  Every day now it's the Democrats defying everything the new administration wants to do.  Granted, the sloppiness of many of the administration's actions deserve defiance, but not everything.

It's time for the Democrats to quit beating their breasts in agony and get the cabinet members approved and in place.  The President, after all, was elected by the people.  And bear in mind, the people who gave Hillary the popular vote came from two relatively small areas considering the breadth of the entire nation.  The "popular" vote issue doesn't wash.

I expect there is going to be a lot of pronouncements from Trump that are going to have to be walked back.  That's what happens when you have someone who reacts impulsively and Trump is definitely that.  He's also showing that he can be reasoned with, to an extent, thus the walk backs.  He would be well served with a more experienced press secretary.

That the Democrats are adding to the chaos is by design is no secret.  They seem very proud of themselves and are quite vocal about it.  But it doesn't serve any one well.  They are just making the Trump voters and those watching from outside any political realm disgusted and angry.  Nothing is getting done and that hurts the country.

It may be difficult getting this new President on track but it would be helpful if the Democrats would get off their high horse and join the political process as it was meant to be. Keeping the divide doesn't help the country and they may soon find it doesn't help them as a party either.

It's a mess. Everyone. Grow up.

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