Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Donkeys and Democrats

Donkeys are known to be stubborn.  I've read it's about self preservation thus their refusal to go along easily, especially when it's a human giving the orders.

What a perfect mascot for the Democrat Party.  They have their ideology and they will stubbornly resist anybody who tries to wrest it away from them or alter it in any way.

After eight years of having one of their own in the White House it has become readily apparent that their sacred policies did not work and that the American voter soundly rejected them.  Yes, they did. The voters that gave Hillary the edge in the popular vote came from New York and California, both heavily Democrat. And both having their difficulties under Democrat leaders.  Especially California.

What goes on out here in America between Republican and Democrat neighbors has nothing to do with the larger problem of Washington.  I don't think it is Republicans alone who are fed up with the shenanigans of our representatives in Congress. It has become a game between the parties and the most clever will win.  The Democrats did for years under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Pelosi is still there but Chuck Schummer is no Harry Reid.  Thank heavens.

The problem for the Republicans is their leadership.  Mitch McConnell has yet to show he has the killer instinct to get things done and for some reason Paul Ryan seems to have an agenda of his own which seems more sacrosanct than the President's.

Therefore both sides are causing fits for the new administration.  You know, it's beginning to be funny to me to watch this slap stick. There is so much drama in the executive branch alone it's hard to keep up with it whats more what is and isn't happening in Congress.

I wonder if it will ever settle down.  Out of the chaos I hear Iran has been put on notice for it's ballistic missile tests.  It was barely a whisper beneath the belligerence in Congress over the hearings on the cabinet appointees.  Yet it is hugely important.  Just what does being put on notice mean to this group?

Trump has disturbed the order of things and those affected don't want to cope nor do I think they know how.  Quick on their feet they are not.

So they want things to remain the same.  The people do not.  We have a President pledged to the people.  The question is who will win?

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Word Tosser said...

it is like Congress has a tiger by the tail (trump) and doesn't know what to do.. not daring to let go.. but not wanting to keep it either.. All we hear about is what Trump is doing.. is there a Congress? (other than checking out Trumps cabinet members?)