Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Flag Wavers

Yesterday, the 4th of July, I was taking in how many houses in the neighborhood did NOT have the flag flying. Too many . Lots of folks in these parts think of themselves as very patriotic, however, and never take the flag down. And those are the ones who leave it out in rain and snow and at night without it being lighted. Doesn't flag etiquette count any more?

Today brought with it a beautiful morning, sunny with a few light clouds and a gentle breeze. Bacchus and I watched the Killdeer try to lure us away from their unhatched eggs, stared down a few horses and were glad to see none of the kids burned down the neighborhood with illegal fireworks.

A neighbor who is working toward opening a new restaurant made me smile. The local hires are in for culture shock with no smoking on the job, random drug tests and having to get their teeth fixed. Her observation that the Groene case might convince a few that buying, selling and cooking meth might not be the best way to supplement their incomes. They should be so smart.

Of course if the powers that run this town paid a liveable wage not so many would have to resort (no pun intended - ha!) to such means.

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