Friday, July 29, 2005

Rathdrum Rant 2

One more rant on Rathdrum than its time to move on. It seems to me the Gem committee can find better things to do with a possible $30,000 grant than set up a farmers market. It appears the members of the committee are more intent on pursueing their own special interests than looking at the needs of the city. Boy, do I use that term loosely.

I know for fact that Pete Stoltz was on the same kick when he was president of the Chamber. Come on, the committee's efforts are to promote job creation, economic development and community enhancement. Read it in the Star! Bear in mind the number of established markets in the area are many and the vendors few. Markets don't create jobs nor economic development and a couple of hours once a week doesn't do much for community enhancement.

Wouldn't partnering with various city departments help the committe zero in on something of inherent value?

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Anonymous said...

You go girl. Originally the Gem Committee was set up to help the City with future projects such as new businesses, etc. The Gem Committee could also be looking at setting up some historical items within the community to promote business. Paid tours for a walk or ride around town, gift shop to sell applicable items, local art work, plaques to signify appropriate landmarks. Rathdrum needs some small lucrative businesses, and the Gem Committee could research and support just such a venture with their funds. Nothing needs to be built, just improve upon what they have. Have the Committee get involved in helping to set up a community theater. Find people who are willing to invest time and money to add to a great community. Stitches Mom!