Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rathdrum Rants 1 - The Stealth Mayor

What the heck is with Rathdrums's mayor? Why is he firing all the good city employees? This is the mayor who couldn't be bothered to show up at one event for the skateboard park project. I understand he's about as invisible for everything else too. This is hearsay but it comes from someplace. And clumsey too. Look at the dismal dismissal of the long time city attorney.

While I do not live within the city limits I have been involved off and on since moving here. That's mostly because the mayor at the time had a vision for the town and welcomed new and enthusiastic people and ideas.

It would seem they've been taking giant steps backwards ever since she resigned after the trailer park/Main Street extension debachle. The stress from a threatened recall left her thinking losing her health wasn't worth it. Rathdrum's loss. That problem still hasn't been resolved.

I had the opportunity to meet the extremes of city employees. Bob Lloyd served the city well. In my opinion, and I stress it is a personal one, Robert Brock's predecessor did not. When he came in he took the bull by the horns and corrected some things that had been festering for years. Now he is gone.

I know progress and change are taboos in this area. Rathdrum is a shining example. When those who cling to the past, hate change and those who would have it, are the power mavens then everyone loses. For those new businesses popping up on Main Street and elsewhere - get involved and stay involved. If you need someone to show you the way look to the gals at TLC salon.
Then talk to Tom Burnett at the Star. There are more good guys but I'll save them for later rants. If you care - and that's the prime question - this is a place to start.

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