Sunday, September 04, 2005


I was thinking this beautiful Sunday morning maybe it's time we rethink how we elect our public officials - especially on the national level. My husband and I often discuss potential cabinet members for both parties during the political silly seasons. Maybe it's time for the candidates to announce who they would have serve before the campaigns even get under way. I want to run and this is who I'd like to serve with me. Forget that some would decline. I'd still like at least an idea. We'd have a chance to check these people out. We could vote more intelligently. We could vote for an entire administration.

We are seeing what happens when a President with little or no vision for the country is manipulated by behind the scenes people out to advance their own agendas. We saw it on the Democratic side too the last two times. Al Gore couldn't define himself; neither could John Kerry. None of these men have the courage of their convictions - if indeed they have convictions. If so they would appear to be personal ones - not ones for the betterment of our country. Like the Iraq war. There are so many of us that had that one scoped out at the get go but once the man was elected our hands were tied - by a congress who didn't have the guts to question. The congress needs to reclaim its job as the third check and balance for our way of government along with the judicial and executive branch. They were not meant to be partisan toadies. We should demand it.

It should be mandatory that the credentials of political appointees that don't need congressional approval be made public before they are appointed. Maybe then the head of FEMA wouldn't be someone who's previous job was overseeing judges for an Arabian horse association. Or the head of Homeland Security would be other than a lawyer. We should demand it.

Yes, the President should have people of his choice serving - but they are to serve us as is he. Serve us. We have a right to know who these people are to be and their qualifications. We should demand it.

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