Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurray For Us!

It is no surprise the race issue has been raised. I actually believed Tucker Carlson was growing as a journalist over the past several days of his coverage but then last evening he lost me. Every black congressperson, public official or everyday citizen he could find he asked - to paraphrase - certainly YOU won't bring race into this tragedy. Well, then of course they did.

I've heard one black official say it had less to do with race as with class. And he is right. However, and unfortunately, the lower classes in this country do tend to be predominantly black. That's a fact pure and simple.

What cheers me, however, is the American people. This tragedy is showing me we are a far less racist nation than those who find racism politically expedient would have us believe. Thanks to TV and the 24/7 coverage we know exactly who we're contributing to - what they look like and what their economic status is. And you know what? They are us! Americans. And they need our help and we, bless our collective hearts are there for them. Will our government officials please take note?

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