Friday, November 04, 2005

All Is Fair In Love And Politics??

Having missed the last 10 days or so of October and the first couple in November I'm not up to speed on what's been happening in the predicited smear campaign of one of CDA's city council candidates but I've sure seen the earmarks the last couple of days.

If memory serves me the candidate would indeed be living within the city limits if the builder of his new home had been on time with labor and materials. A lot of delays going around due to the cement shortage for one. The ad encouraging a vote for a resident doesn't reveal this nor does it reveal the candidate's Democratic connections but a lady in Hayden has had her letter outlining same published twice this week in the Press. I would guess if there is to be more of an onslaught it will happen tomorrow through Monday so it's fresh in voters' minds. All this has been well hashed on Huckleberrie's blog.

I'm not a resident of CDA and can't vote for any of the candidates but my concern is the criteria put forth for voters to consider. More than where one lives, if legally acceptable, and what the party affiliation may be should not outweigh dedication to one's community, focus on betterment and ability. Beside carpetbaggers, if that's what you want to call him, aren't new nor all bad. I never thought I'd say it but Hillary Clinton has been a pretty darn good Senator for New York State. Having lived there for a fair amount of time I keep tabs on the pulse. Mit Romney in Massachusetts. Heck, it's not like this guy came from Seattle just to run for city council. He's in the area and appears to care enough to put himself and his family through this ordeal. I'm more concerned about what accomplishments a candidate has to his or her credit, verifiable, in their present occupation than I am by a political idealogy. Views from different spectrums are far more likely to bring progressive action than partisan - my way or no way - politics. Just wanting the position and being well known in the community are not credentials. Proof of abilty and accomplishment are more meaningful than how many organizations one belongs to or how many boards one has served on. What was the candidate's contribution? Show me concrete ideas and proven abilty to bring them to fruition. Now that's a candidate.

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