Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trip Tic

The best thing about getting home is sleeping in your own bed and getting the dog back from the kennel All the fine wine and dining in the world doesn't beat that!

:( First picture I really wanted to take while passing the south end of Salt Lake was an art installation that must have represented a giant salt molecule. Other than going 70 miles an hour as we whipped by there was a sign saying Emergency Parking Only. My sage husband determined they didn't really want folks stopping to take a picture and my wanting to didn't qualify as an emergency.

:) Biggest surprise - pretty good steak house in Ely - The Jailhouse - with a knock your socks off wine list.

:( Biggest disappointment - The Extraterrestrial Highway. There was only one unannounced stop on the whole route coming in from the Ely side. Our radar detector did beep several times without a car, human or aircraft of any sort in site - so maybe...

:( The new Wynn Hotel is just like a freshened up Bellagio and he didn't do as he said he would. No dress code and you still have to schlepp through the casino to get to the elevators.

:) The guys in the Apple Store in the Fashion Mall are the greatest.

:) The food at MIX atop The Hotel at Mandelay Bay is still superb though the wine list is way over priced.

:) Mary Elaine's at the Phoenician in Scottsdale is still the best.

:( Being the shoulder season the galleries were low on inventory.

:) Santa Fe retains its charm and next to Pasqual's the Inn at the Alameda has the best breakfast in town.

:( Never stop in Rawlins.

:) Jackson Hole galleries are good - mostly extensions out of Scottsdale but don't take a back-seat to quality. Don't dine at Anthony's. The Wort Hotel in town is great.

:) :( Teton and Yellowstone are therapeutic this time of year. Virtually no traffic but the critters were taking a break too.

:) Pretty good galleries in Livingston and the 2nd Street Bistro has some of the most interesting wines one normally doesn't see. Russell Chatham's Livingston Bar and Grill is a little too slick and expensive but has its following; more fun and wonderfully good is the Grand in Big Timber.

:) Dog behaved and actually ate while in the kennel, the house was in tact. The laundry is done, the fish pond now winterized. TIme to get back to the important things in life with a new vigor. Wonder how long it will take my orneries to resurface!

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Word Tosser said...

Hurray you are back...sounds like you had a good trip and fun places mostly...
Congratualtions, on being picked by the AP story... she said it should be this weekend... well, she would have told you that, duh..
Will look and see if SR has it.

Well off to do dinner... good to have you back.