Thursday, April 13, 2006

Full Pink Moon Or Egg Moon Or Full Fish...

Okay, here we are with my monthly moonologue. The Full Pink Moon name comes from herb moss pink or wild ground phlox which is one of the earliest spring bloomers. Except around northern Idaho where absolutely nothing is in bloom yet - except the bloomin' rain clouds.

Then there is the alternative name - Egg Moon so named for the season of renewal; rebirth. In a bit of revisionist history the hare (go figure!) was a symbol of fertility and the egg of renewal and when the Christians came along combining pagan beliefs and symbols into something that served their purposes - much like the conglomeration of same that makes up the Christmas legends - the Easter bunny and Easter eggs were the result. There is also the Full Sprouting Grass Moon and the Full Fish Moon for when the fish swim upstream to spawn. So take your choice.

"The Swimming Upstream Against The Current" Award goes to one of these papers - which one?

Tied for "The Current Is Winning Award" goes the story headlined in the Tuesday, April 11 Coeur d 'Alene Press, "U.S. troops return to patrolling Baghdad". So much for our standing down when the Iraqis' stand up. And from the same paper, same date "French government backtracks on jobs law". President Jacques Chirac reversed a measure forwarded by Prime Minister (and one time heir apparent) Dominique de Villepin's efforts to allow employers to sack slackers.

I won't even get into the "Saber Rattling Award" that would go to our President and Secretary of State for even thinking of suggesting an attack on Iran. Britain's Jack Straw confirmed it was "nuts" so I'll leave it at that.

So we can morph from pink moon to pink eggs to pink fish.

Care to have an egg toss?

Click the pic of the papers for the headlines.

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Word Tosser said...

And of course the sister paper of the Press also ran the wrong news Headline too.... so if you are going to be wrong.. lets send it all over the North Idaho.. (remember he owns 6 of them)