Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gray Days , Dogwalks And Thoughts

Ole Fuzzy Face about wore himself out this morning snuffling the same ole scents. Me too, musing about the same ole topics. Something new was perking outside the coffee pot though and I got back into something of a groove.

I've gotten some interesting e-mails over the past few days from people who've read my blog. What surprised me about them is the trust they seemed to have in my judgement and the opinions I might offer. It struck me that I've an awesome responsibility to those people. It's rather daunting that what is mainly an opinion page written by an often frustrated and discontent old gal has the credibility it seems to have. It brought home to me what I owe my readers in return.

Opinion is one thing. That is my own - right, wrong or indifferent. But when I write about some one or some thing it brings to mind the old saw about there being three sides to every story - yours, mine and the right one; usually somewhere in between.

We bloggers take it on the chin quite often and quite often deservedly so by the likes of Kathleen Parker and Ellen Goodman. We are a representative sample of humanity as a whole. The good, the bad and the ugly. That anyone trusts anything read on a blog is almost beyond comprehension - especially someone from across the country or across the world that doesn't know me or you from Adam. Wow. No wonder the world is rife with misinformation.

Back to my own little corner of it. I've chosen to put my name on what I write; I figure if I feel strongly enough to put a thought out there I should have the fortitude to stand behind it. I've had my growing pains and expect I shall continue to do so - but this much I will say - I will always do my best to check out the facts behind a post and perhaps more importantly - admit when I've erred. Maybe one day Ms. Parker and Ms. Goodman will look upon me with favor.

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