Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independently Dependent

As the country celebrates Independence Day I'm celebrating the completion of my first year of dependence - on my computer and blogging!

And what a year it has been. I started for not the best of reasons. I was curious about Blogs after reading about the one Joseph Duncan, of the Groene murder and kidnapping case, had. In browsing, I found some pretty disturbing sites.

I wondered then if anyone would read a Blog written without profanity that was just a tumultuous ramble of what I thought about while walking my dog. Shortly thereafter I became listed as a northern Idaho blogger on Dave Oliveria's Huckleberries/Spokesman Review site. I was hooked.

Dave made the initial introduction for me to what became a mini onslaught of media types doing stories on "seniors" who blog. I've yet to figure out what is so fascinating about this undertaking. It's not like we lose our intellect when that first gray hair appears. Never-the-less it has been quite a ride.

We have a unique community of bloggers here. Huckleberries is the gathering point where everything from local to international to just plain silly is hashed and rehashed. Then a couple started INWBA , the Inland Northwest Bloggers' Association, to help promote blogging and the sites of its members. We've been called a "social " organization but we're really much more than that. We're one big support group. It has become a place to find information - someone will know where to look and respond, it's a place to vent and to praise and like Huckleberries, a place to make one's voice heard. The sites are a nice complement to one another. It adds to the specialness of our little corner of the blogging world.

I've made friends near and far from this endeavor. Probably a fair number have me figured as a crackpot too. Who knows. It's of small consequence. But for those who have become cyber friends and more - what a wonderful addition to my life you have become and I thank each and every one of you.

So that's what it is all about for this Blogger. Nothing earth shaking, just fun. I highly recommend it no matter what your age. Just don't take yourself or what you think too seriously. There are already too many out there who do!


Word Tosser said...

Congratulations... M.S.M. it has been a great year for us too. Those of us who read your blog and those of us who are lucky enough to have you comment on ours. All the great articles you have written. Some fun words, and some very wise words... that you share with all of us...
Thanks for starting your blog... may the words keep flowing...

Annette said...

It is a wonderful world, there are many worthwhile blogs if that is what one is looking for. There is a lot of junk out there too but I just ignore them.

Bay Views said...

I can't think of any crackpot that I am more fond of. Keep it up, Darlin'.