Thursday, July 06, 2006

We Are Expendable

I've been waiting for today's appointment with a new doctor for months! I made the appointment a while before I turned 65 because not many doctors are accpeting Medicare patients and I found this one was willing.

Thank you big government for the cutbacks. I understand the doctors' point of view but it seems criminal to me that Medicare patients can be cast aside or refused so readily. This issue screams for correction because our numbers are growing. Probably the best way would be for our law makers to have to live with the same programs we who elect and pay them do. In my dreams; I know.

I've a few ailments I'd like to address before conditions worsen - I've been waiting for Medicare because insurance premiums were insanely high for the fault of having high blood pressure. I've been one of the multitude of "uninsured" for quite some time now. Pressure's up today! Why? I get to the doctors office, early as instructed, and I'm not in the book. They had my records but the appointment had been deleted for some reason. I even called yesterday to get directions and gave them my name as a new patient. A bit of a disconnect here. And not the best way to start.

So we'll try again tomorrow. One day won't matter much. But I will say sloppy front office work worries me as much as office personnel who are obviously overweight. I can be, I'm the patient, but I don't want the nurse or practitioner who's weighing me or taking my blood pressure looking worse than I do.

I figure if everyone else is into entitlements this is one due me. Efficient front office and healthy staff. I trust this is a one time snafu. Here's hoping...

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