Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August Full Moon

The past few months I've missed my full moon posting due to scheduling conflicts. This month, in honor of my physical therapists, who I've been mooning for a month, I'll resume. The August full moon is named the Full Sturgeon Moon because these babies are biting! And if you're lucky you get caviar. These super sized catfish can be found in three of Idaho's river systems -- the Snake, Kootenai and Salmon. I would think they lend themselves to some pretty good fish stories - or maybe "fishy" is more appropriate.

It is also known as the Full Red Moon. This is a "red" state and the "red" candidate for governor, Butch Otter, should have a "red" face for the headline reading "Otter:Education initiative unnecessary" that appeared in this morning's Coeur d'Alene Press . The sales tax plan he supports puts the onus on the middle and lower income families who will have to pay the additional tax on everything they buy, including food. At least with the property tax the wealthy, many who don't spend more than a few weeks a year in residence and thus not paying sales taxes, have to pay their share. He might also remember surpluses don't tend to last.

The Spokesman Review also made it's contribution with a tidbit about how our "red" President thumbs his nose at us with the signing statements he attaches to bills he signs into law. In essence the statements say the President has the right to revise, interpret or disregard measures based on national security or constitutional grounds. By who's definition? Plus what's the point of submitting a law for signature if the contents can be ignored or changed by Presidential whim? He should be ashamed of himself. Red face? Nah, not this President.
Other names are the Green Corn and the Grain Moon. That might apply to the logic of Joe Lieberman. Grainy for sure. It would be corny if not so serious. Ego, don't you know. The Connecticut Democrats let him know in yesterday's primary they thought it time for a change. But no. He knows what's best for them and that would be him. So he'll run as an Independent. Talk about thumbing your nose at your constituents!

It will be interesting to see how the Democratic Party handles this. Should he win the general election will they welcome him back with open arms? Will the Republicans embrace him? How will the Connecticut voters respond? Come the December full moon, we'll know. And what moon will that be? The Full Cold Moon. Kind of gives you chills, doesn't it?

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Betty said...

I fully expect Lieberman to switch to the Republican Party whether he wins this election or not. The Democrats don't really have much choice in the candidate they will support - it will have to be the Democratic candidate. I can't understand all these polititians who refust to accept the will of the people. How arrogant!