Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Men Who Cried Wolf?

I was going to do a complete posting on Thursday's happenings but one very near and dear to me beat me to it with an e-mail to friends. I wonder if the public is going to buy into the tactics one more time. Remember an election is looming and the Republicans are in trouble with anti-war sentiment snowballing.

I think the following says it all.

Cynical, MOI?

Let's see:

the supposed terrorist bomb plot has been under investigation for months;

Tony has kept Shrub informed, they talked about it on Sunday;

on Tuesday an anti-war D beats W's boy in CT;

polls show 60% oppose the war.

Shrub's ratings are in the toilet and more and more members of Tony's party are calling for him to leave sooner rather than later.

Wed. the Administration and its acolytes are in full throat about the D's move left and they can't be trusted with national security.

Wed. Tony talks to W about the plot again and on Thursday the poodle (Blair) moves.

Homeland security ties up air travel across the country (I thought the plot was against aircraft flying from the UK to the US, not from say Chicago to Miami or definitely not from Spokane to Seattle), but the restrictions stay in place until the election.

Shrub stands in front of his private plane, that we pay for, in WI and says he is keeping us safe.

Cynical? I just don't believe in that many coincidences.


Betty said...

I don't believe in that many coincidences, either. But, I think we could have predicted that there would be a "Level Red" scare sometime before the election. And, of course, there's the story about the Egyptian students who can't be found. The suggestion, of course, is that they are terrorists. Be afraid! Be very afraid! (snort)

Annette said...

Thank you for your interest. I input entries and they don't show on my site for days. I have about given up. It is probably something that I am doing wrong, but that doesn't help any.
I love the full moons and their various names.