Friday, September 22, 2006

Taken To Task

I've vented a lot of built up frustration this past week and have been taken to task for yesterday's post in particular. Deservedly so. The comments are there. And the commenters were correct. I was angry that foreign leaders on our soil were so emboldened they felt perfectly comfortable insulting our President. I perhaps didn't state my point as I had intended for my dismay goes a step beyond.

What really saddens me is that we're so diminished in the eyes of the world they did indeed feel so emboldened. In listening to them, however, one must come to the conclusion they are articulating what others, at least in their part of the world, think. And yes, many of us have taken our President and his Administration to task quite vocally because we sensed it coming.

That being said, it is Friday and I prefer to end the week on a lighter note. So. Two items from this morning's reading made me smile. The first was in the Spokesman Review's article on HIV testing for Americans up to age 64. A 66 year old took the age limit to task. I quote from the article, "I personally demand any sexual partner I may have be tested for all STD's, including HIV/AIDS, and show me the results before any activity takes place." Kind of takes the spontaneity out of it doesn't it? No one night stand here unless you really want to plan ahead. And I dare say no romance. I know, it is serious, but still it struck my funny bone.

Last but not least is John Mark Karr rejecting an opportunity to be freed on probation in exchange for pleading guilty on child pornography charges. Said his attorney, "...he is not going to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit." Excuse me? This from the man who claimed to have murdered Jon Benet Ramsey?

Wow. What a week.

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