Wednesday, September 27, 2006


There has been much said about the "cat fight" at the Shore Lounge in the Resort as reported by a local blogger .

It was well covered in Dave Oliveria's Huckleberries Online and was the feature of his column in the print edition of the Spokesman Review.

Lots of comments. But none about the behavior being deplorable. Some tourist attraction!


tumblewords said...

Implosion of the brain chain. Limbo: How low can...? Dumb begins to look like a step upward. Good coverage and questions re this idiocy marker!

stebbijo said...

I thought this area was an elitist classy area for those who do not ever behave badly. Where was Paris Hilton and a video would have been good. ;-)

Word Tosser said...

Let's see, we had Clark Fork bunch last year... and Bayview some where since then, now CDA. Each one being a little worse... what is this a contest?
But let's broadcast this nationally... maybe the finer people will think twice about coming here, but then again, maybe not. We might end up with Women Wrestlers Association coming here.
What surprised me was no one stopped her from leaving. Isn't Assault still against the law in CDA?