Friday, September 29, 2006

Tub(b)s' Hill

The BlogGals gathered today for their first adventure. It was a promise to Cis and Toni from back in May when I was writing the now defunct Golly Gals Blog. They squired us around Sandpoint and the quid pro quo was our hosting Tubbs Hill.

Things change. Toni is recovering from eye surgery, the Golly Gals are no more and Joanne has joined me in mayhem. A promise is a promise. The weather was perfect, the ladies were available so off to Tubbs Hill we went.
I would normally do a little research in advance but this time did not. I was under the impression the hike was relatively flat. It was not. I think we made it about 50 yards before the first bench appeared and - we sat. Know that none of us are under 50, if we walk at all it is on the flat and none of us are exactly lithe.

We watched people jog by dripping sweat. Not their dogs mind you, just the runners. That didn't look at all like fun so we thought we would just mozy. It's so much easier to chat and laugh that way. And meet people. Looking down at a beautiful stretch of beach we spotted a flash of blond. I poked Joanne. "Wow! she commented, "maybe it's Paris Hilton!" Being spotted, the lady and her dog came running up what appeared to me to be up an incredibly steep incline. I can't believe we looked at all threatening but one never knows. And it wasn't Paris, but a delightful gal named Carla with her dog Lexa. They hail from Jacksonville Beach, FL and spend part of their summers here.

Onward and, with my hip beginning to ache and me beginning to complain, upward. We came upon a wonderful view of the whole of Sanders Beach. We were somewhat surprised to see it was not deserted but figured a lone sunbather was one of the privileged few. We crossed the bridges we had noted on the map. We found a sign pointing the way back from whence we came and were feeling quit proud of ourselves.

We chatted with more folks and never once met any one from California. Funny. Most had heard of Hagadone and a newcomer from Tennessee gave us a hilarious comparison to the Madonna of the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. Small world.

Hike completed we set off for lunch somewhere outside. First we tried the Ironhorse but the building was being painted. No go. Next we tried Crickets but got tired of waiting for a waitress so we decided to drive out along the lake and try Tony's. Ooops. Not open for lunch. I thought I was going to have to borrow gas money!

Finally we opted for O'Shays. Good choice even if we did have to eat inside. Great Rubens. That place is a story unto itself. Another time.

Dropped Joanne off, Cis stopped in long enough to meet my phantom husband and say good bye to Bacchus then headed back to Sandpoint. We had a ball. You know something? I really like bloggers!


stebbijo said...

You do have a really nice way of chronologically mapping out the event. One thing about it - that walk sure gave me some color!

...and Carla may use that photo for her book cover!

Next time we should set up a lemonade stand or something and hand out flyers. I don't know about what - but I will think of something by then.

Super fun.

Phil said...

Ah, we missed you by one day! I took the kids out to Tubb's Hill yesterday for an afternoon hike. That would've been wild to see you three. I know I would've recognized you.

Anyway, that beach down below the woman and her dog? That's where we hike to and back. I've actually never been all the way around Tubb's Hill because we're just too tired by the time we reach the beach at the halfway point. We play around down there, splash in the water and such, then head back the way we came.

Betty said...

Sounds as though you had a lot of fun. Nice pics, too.

Mel said...

we had jooooy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, but the hillllls that we cliiiimbed were just seasons out of tiiiime.