Saturday, October 07, 2006

Full Hunters' Moon

Following the harvests of September, the fields are clear, the leaves are falling and the animals coming out to glean are easily spotted. The time for hunters.

I spent the month hunting for good news and found precious little. The bad has been self evident. The absurd has been a little harder to find but with some diligent hunting it appeared bit by bit over the weeks.

Two Oklahoma towns hosted Mel Gibson for screenings of his new movie "Apocalypto". He arrived wearing a mask and a wig so he wouldn't be recognized. Excuse me??

It is supposedly an action/adventure set in the last days of the Mayan civilization. I wonder if anyone will wonder if it isn't the last days of ours!

On the political spectrum, the Financial Times reported that due to Bush-Blair fight on toothpaste and all things liquid or gel KLM airlines has to now drain the jenever (gin) from the little Delft houses it has dispensed to Business Class passengers since 1952. They can drain it right into my Martini glass!

Then there is the Georgia mom who first fought to ban Spanish language fiction from the libraries because it might be read by illegal aliens. Now she is fighting to have Harry Potter banned from the schools because the books are an "evil" attempt to indoctrinate children in the Wicca religion. Never mind that the Feds just recently allowed the Wicca symbol to be displayed on the graves of those servicemen who so believe. The only thing "alien" here is the thought process.

Even my fellow bloggers provide material for this monthly exercise. This gem from one of my favorites, Old Dog New Trick :

"Los Angeles County officials want to find out which septic tanks in the Malibu area are leaking human waste, and fouling a stretch of the coast. To prove they are serious, they are willing to do DNA testing to find out which stars have leaky septic systems.

A Public Works official has been quoted as saying, "This could get messy."

Just look at the houses lining that precious stretch of beach. DNA testing? Do they really think the likes of Tom Hanks and Barbra Streisand would submit? Well, they don't call it "la la land" for nothing.

Last but not least there is the ever popular saber rattling department provided by our erstwhile Administration. It seems our senior government officials have a habit of "dropping in" on the Iraqis whenever they are in the neighborhood. Sort of like the neighbor that always drops by when you're getting dinner on the table.

This last time it was Condi warning them they have little time left to get it together. Or what? We're going to attack them??

That's enough for this month. What will next month bring? "Moon over Miami"? Oops. That's Florida. Page past that one.


Thailand Gal said...

"This last time it was Condi warning them they have little time left to get it together. Or what? We're going to attack them??"

As me olde fren CJ, the Vietnam vet says, "What are they going to do? Send me to Vietnam?"

Absurdity out of Foggy Bottom. Whodathunkit?

Let's trade dogs. I think I'd like to walk yours for a few days. Mine has been getting me in trouble. :)

Thailand Gal


Betty said...

The stars always have a lot of company, right? So just think of all the DNA samples they'll have to wade through (no pun intended)to find that of the home owner. I'm getting a very unpleasant mental picture. Wish I'd never started this. lol