Friday, October 06, 2006

War As Priority

Well here it is Friday again and I'm trying to get my mindset in place for the weekend. So what do we have here. Shannon Moaker. Can't dance. She REALLY can't dance having been voted off "Dancing With The Stars"! Wow. And Paris Hilton. I'm not aware that she can do much of anything - except get DUI's and headlines.

Fighting over him! Travis Barker. It was like a scene right out of the Shore Lounge in our "resort" a few weeks back. Hmmm. There was a pretty good sized hunk of blond hair at the scene of the skirmish.

Ah, Mr. Barker. Finish sowing your wild oats. You're destined to marry Lydia - you know "Lydia, oh Lydia, Lydia the Tattooed Lady..."

Have a nice week end folks. If you get tired of reading about war, terrorism, politics and scandals, maybe you can read Travis.


tumblewords said...

Ohmigol. Kinda gives me goosehunks. I'm gonna watch the inside of my eyelids and let these eye poisons fade away. Ohmigol.

Thailand Gal said...

I have to agree with Tumblewords! Oh, my ghod! What an ugly man! As my old mother would have said, "How is that going to look when he gets old?"

Does Paris Hilton actually have a brain? That's news to me! She does have the depth of a parking lot puddle!



Thailand Gal


Betty said...

I don't want to get close enough to Travis to read him. And, I actually feel a little bit sorry for Paris Hilton. She's too dumb, I guess, to realize she's wasting her life.