Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The panel on Chris Matthews' Sunday program spent a good amount of time discussing what Bill's role would be if Hillary wins the White House. It was said that he will be her most valued advisor. Of course he already is. He has a lot of what she lacks. Charisma and political savvy being among the most obvious. Also having held the office for eight years doesn't hurt.

All this has made me wonder just exactly what it is that she brings to the table. Is having been in the Senate for a term and a half enough? She has no practical experience in business nor governing. Loyalty as shown by the way (forgive me) she stood by her man; does that count? Or is it merely expedient to further her own ambitions?

She has the Clinton team behind her. To twist arms and bully. She is resurrecting the "right wing conspiracy" mantra. It worked before - maybe it will work again.

These are just things that have been running through my mind as the campaign shapes up. What really concerns me, however, is that if she needs Bill as badly as is suggested, what happens if something happens to him? He has had one close brush with the grim reaper. It could happen again.

Can the dominant female with all she lacks function without her dominant male partner even with all he lacked? The original "twofer" is reinventing itself but I'm wondering if the past should remain just that.


Word Tosser said...

Don't underestimate Hillary. This is a plan that was cut out over 30 years ago. One that Bill and she have been following all these years. First him, because men are chosen to be Presidents. Then for her to start her role to shine. Bill almost blew it (not pun intended) with his Presidence. Now... we will see how far she gets with THE PLAN. And 2008 won't be the last of her, unless something really stinky comes up to bite THE PLAN.

So will American vote in a woman first or a black first. Or will they run from both?

Betty said...

That is one scary picture.

Sister--Three said...

Hey, I came here from the other Betty's blog. I am Betty, too.

All I can say is when I checked in here and saw ole Hill, all I could say was "oh, my HillBill!" Sje would not like being HillBill as she felt was was better than the
HillBillies of AR.

Can I steal the picture and put it on my desk top at school (I am a teacher she made take 'the test')?

Anonymous said...

That picture is marvelous. Hillary is my worst nightmare...I wake up screaming. I have always said that the Billary marriage was simply a very successful business deal. She didn't give a hoot what he did, so long as he didn't get caught. That hand holding routine simply revolts me. Oh yes, the Clinton presidency should remain in the past...never to be resurected in any form whatsoever.