Friday, March 16, 2007

Sheikh Down

March 2003 this man was captured. Bin Laden's number three. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed laid claim to the 9/11 jet attacks, the beheading of Daniel Pearl and at least 31 other incidents.

He was spirited away to an undisclosed location. That has a disquieting ring to it. These many years later he has been relocated to Guantanamo Bay. It seems the rest of the world got itself in an uproar when it was disclosed the U.S. was in fact running secret detention centers. Hmmmm. We don't torture though. Sort of like whether or not you inhale.

Now it is said this man is singing like a canary. I'm surprised he still has a tongue with which to speak. It has occurred to me, from watching too many spy movies, that the minute this man was snatched any plan in which he was involved or had knowledge of was scrapped. Any information he is now coming forth with is so out of date it would be of little use. He probably doesn't even know how many of his fellow operatives have been neutralized.

Let's face it. He's toast and he knows it. He can say and admit to anything. He's still toast. So if he really wasn't the brains behind some of the plots, he's gained a pass for those who were. Will we ever know for sure?

Chilly morning, chilly walk, chilling thought.


Word Tosser said...

This too struck me as odd... odd because, how do we know he said that? What take the government agency word for it??? In these days and times.. I guess I am very cynical. Why now? After all if he wanted the glory, of see what I did and can do? Why not do it in the first place. He knew he wasn't going home from the get go. So why now... why the whole thing.. just doesn't ring true.. kind of like it is too good to be true?
Would he say it, so to be the red herring? Would our government be so dumb to drop everything because they think they got the right guy. The head brain? No, there just something that isn't ringing true here.

Betty said...

I think he also admitted to being on the grassy knoll in Dallas, and kidnapping the Lindberg baby.

Anonymous said...

I have to go along with Betty. This guy is simply pumping himself up for those promised 27 virgins in Paradise. I'm sure he did some bad things...but the overall mastermind. Not likely. Wonder how Osama likes this "thing" stealing his thunder! Perhaps he also is the actual father of Anna Nicole Smiths baby!

tumblewords said...

Truth is losing. Spin is on the win. Good post!