Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Lowest Common Denominator

Where does a woman look for a role model in today's modern media? At one time we might have looked at Barbara Walters, but baby, look at her now!

I find myself wondering how a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in English has come to pandering to a socialite with a GED who seems to have found God over night. It has been an interesting spiral.

I remember when she co-hosted the Today show. I remember when she moved to ABC to co-anchor the evening news. She was considered a journalist; not a "personality". Serious journalism that provided interviews with Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat, Indira Ghandi and Margaret Thatcher, to name a few, began to incorporate more "personality" interviews with the Michael Jacksons and Monica Lewinskys of the world.

When she moved on to co-create The View I really wondered what her intention was. Money maybe. It certainly no longer included credible journalism.

I seldom watched the show. A group of women with questionable expertise on much of anything out-shouting one another is not my idea of entertainment. Then Rosie came along. If you enjoy loud and brash you may have found her entertaining but somewhere along the way she became convinced she was an intellectual. Hmmmm. You don't have to be one to realize she is not. Just loud and brash.

And now Barbara has been keeping us up to date on Paris. Wow. How low can you go? Paris, who sits in jail reading the Bible while Dad and Mom shop Las Vegas for a venue, or several, for a "get out of jail" bash.

I wonder who she'll hire as the next moderator of The View? Nah...


Betty said...

I'm guessing the next moderator will be Whoopi Goldberg. Barbara Walters is such a name-dropper. I think she has come to believe her own hype.

Word Tosser said...

When the View first started..it wasn't bad. Viera brought serious news and fun. Star Jones, I liked because she brought the legal points to their hot topics. And that is what I watched... the first 20 minutes. Rest was..debatable. Depending if it was of interest about health. I never like Joy, she is such a loud mouth, and I don't care for loud mouth women...get on my nerves..and with Rosie there.. two of a kind. As far as I am concern, the show went to hell in a hand basket when they got rid of Jones and Viera.