Thursday, June 14, 2007

What Greater Gift For A Dad?

I have been corresponding with a father of four for a couple of years now. He is a Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard and was stationed in Takrit when one of those "send Christmas cards to the troops" requests arrived in my e-mail.

He picked up one of my cards and we've been corresponding ever since. He's home now. His latest e-mail told of how he has recently been rewarded for his time served in Iraq and how difficult it was for him to accept because of the many who didn't "come home the way they left". To me he is a very special man.

He has shared much about his family. As a father, his children would seem to be well served. His 19 year old daughter exemplifies it beautifully and in so doing has gifted her Dad beyond what any material gift ever could.

He told me how, at just 19, she is already a supervisor at the bank where she works. He told me too of how, out of 400 employees, she has been recognized for going the extra mile for a customer.

I've commented before on how I feel our young men and women who are deserving seem to get short changed when it comes to telling their stories. This is my way of doing something about that and wishing my friend a most happy Father's Day.

A bank customer, shopping at a jewelry store, called the bank to get an increase on his credit card so he could purchase a very special item. She explained to him she could not do it but would find out if it was possible. The person with the authority was not on hand and the conversation ended.

Not satisfied, she searched further until she found someone who did have the authority and it was done. She had not, however, asked where the customer was shopping. With yellow pages in hand she called every jewelry store listed until she found the right one.

Needless to say, the customer was delighted and impressed with her determination to assist him. He notified her superiors, telling them of her diligence and of his appreciation.

What a great young lady. She deserves the accolades. She made her Dad proud. What a gift.

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