Thursday, August 16, 2007

If Only...

David Broder's column on Fred Thompson was interesting this morning. He tells us Mr. Thompson will be entering the presidential race well aware of public disillusionment with both parties and will be prepared to address the reasons. Is this not what all the candidates should be doing?

Broder tells us Thompson will discuss the war, admit to the overuse of military personnel along with the lack of proper equipment. We're told he will address the Medicare prescription drug program being added to a program on the verge of bankruptcy and the sky rocketing cost of health care. Supposedly he will discuss the FBI's lack of ability to become the security agency it should be and we need. And so forth and so on. I hope this is true; not mere speculation.

Mr. Thompson admits he doesn't know how the chips may fall with blunt discussion instead of doing a little side step for political expediency. If you watched the Gay and Lesbian forum with the democrats on LOGO you'll understand what "political expediency" is!

There are issues on which we disagree. He is supposedly the conservatives' conservative. Therein lies the divide. But I will listen to frank discussion of problems if ideas for solutions are offered. I know there will be no perfect candidate. At the moment I urge him on and hope the other candidates are forced to follow suit.

I don't much care who is the most likable, the most black, most macho. I worry about a candidate who feels she is qualified partially due to her "experience" as first lady but refuses to release her "first lady papers" that may or may not give credence to the claim.

I actually do care that many candidates have very able and accomplished spouses regardless of age differences. How can that not be an asset?

Any of the candidates listening?

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