Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Morale Booster

The headline in the CDA Press read KCSD gets new rifles. Okay. But these babies? They are, according to the article, very similar to the ones used by the American forces serving in Iraq. The main difference being they are not fully automatic. The rifles in the photograph are ones being used in Iraq sans stock! Now I can understand the swat team wanting these weapons, but for "all patrol deputies and detectives"?? Wowee!

I love the way local stories are reported. Trying to figure out the accuracy of them is always a challenge. These rifles are valued at over $60,000 so says the paper. The county commissioners allocated $43,000 and the difference was made up by the Sheriff's department trading in it's old rifles.

The article went on to say "any of the old rifles couldn't hit the broad side of a barn or failed to work during target practice." Now I don't know a lot about guns but what I do know is that the owner has to maintain a weapon for it to work properly and if that broad sided barn can't be hit it would seem more might be wrong with the marksman than the rifle!

"The barrels were worn out." From what??? This is Kootenai County. Not Iraq! If so, who does the budgeting anyway?

"We were the only law enforcement agency in the region that had wooden stock rifles." So? The stock doesn't indicate whether the officer can shoot it or clean it!

Only ten of 80 rifles will be modified for the swat team. What modification would that be? Making them fully automatic? Just curious. Whoa, that also means 70 of them will be in the hands of officers with dubious marksman skills! Remember that barn!

$900,000 in pay raises and new rifles have the troops pumped. "Anything that helps morale is a good thing."

Right. The sheriff's department has a response time of around 23 minutes unless you are really lucky and a deputy is right around the corner but by golly they've got great morale and new guns.

I'm shaking all over. And it isn't from laughter.


Word Tosser said...

only thing worse than an inexperience person applying for a gun permit, is an officer who can't hit the side of a barn, and gets a new powerful gun... sure hope Bonner county doesn't follow suit..

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be a verrrry good girl!

23 minutes response?? Gives any intruder time to slice and dice. Feel safe...I lafff!

Bill McCrory said...

The Kootenai County sheriff and his command staff have a serious morale problem, and their solution is to revert to one of the the tried-and-true morale boosters among entry-level cops: Toys! Snazzier guns (for those paramilitary wannabes), faster cars, bug 'em into oblivion electronic surveillance stuff, etc. Toys! Here's a problem that is plaguing departments nationwide: Because of the AUMF in Iraq, there's a shortage of ammunition for training. Good move, Rocky! Buy a bunch of new guns that require several hundred rounds for initial qualification, but you don't have the ammunition for initial qualification and regular requal. The deputies still won't be able to hit the side of the barn, but they'll fire a lot more rounds to demonstrate their lack of skill and fire discipline.