Monday, August 13, 2007

Um, Um Good!

Well, we finally did it. We actually got off the tractor, out of the dirt and into the shower early enough Saturday to do some long postponed exploring.

Our destination this week was South Washington in Spokane. My wine connoisseur husband will read about an interesting wine and the search begins. Often we end up in Seattle but sometimes Vino in Spokane will have it if the local shops don't. Which is more often than not.

For months we had been reading about a chocolate shop and a cheese market right next to Vino but our schedule and their hours of operation never seemed to mesh. It is worth seeing that they do!

Just after Vino comes Omo, a really funky shop featuring everything from purses to pralines. Owner Marta Johnson is very proud of it's "European" feel. It is cramped and cozy all at the same time. She is generous with samples, knowing, I'm sure, you'll not be able to resist. We couldn't! The first sample into my mouth brought out an 'Ummmm!" She told me that's about all the conversation she usually gets. And deservedly so. Umm, umm.

Next is Saunders Cheese Market. My, oh my, what a selection. We thought we'd died and gone to cheese heaven! They too let you sample. The selection covers the world and the quality cannot be surpassed. Be sure to ask if they have any of the pickled walnuts to try. I can't begin to put into words...

These three shops show some of the smartest marketing I've seen in some time. A first rate wine shop, a first rate chocolate shop and a first rate cheese shop all in a row. Wow. Saunders even stays open late Fridays and Saturdays so you can stop at Vino, pick up a nice bottle of wine, stop at Omo and grab a bite for dessert then settle into Saunders and enjoy it all with a cheese plate.

Makes loft living in the downtown Spokane area something to look at!

photos: Spokesman Review

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