Monday, November 05, 2007

Blood Lust

This morning's headline in the Coeur d'Alene Press - City, county in planning stages of animal shelter. Ha!

We have a no kill humane society that is in desperate need of a larger facility. They are so over burdened with animals being given up they have no room for strays. Yet the city and county will not join forces with them. Why? WHY?

Bacchus and I mulled this over as we walked, heads down; angry. County commissioner Currie says the shelter will not be an adoption facility. That means what? It will be an execution facility. Wow. Lucky for anyone who's dog gets out by accident! Oh well, when police shoot dogs encountered in fenced back yards what can you expect.

He said "he has all the respect in the world" for the Kootenai Humane Society. Yeah. Right. And that the partners in this venture will inform the Humane Society when they have animals they believe are adoptable. Yeah. Right. Who's going to be making that determination?

"This is pound," he said.

I guess until and unless more of us start considering our animals as pets, part of the family instead of disposable possessions, the prevailing attitudes will remain.

I'd hate to be a dog in your household, Mr. Currie, or any one of the others who are too stubborn or to cheap or too inconvenienced to put your heads together to come up with a feasible plan and do what's right for the animals.

A "pound" you say. Yep. A pound of flesh. Dog flesh.

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