Sunday, November 04, 2007

Let's Stop The Finger Pointing

"It is not our style, nor is it acceptable, to personally attack the character of our citizens or of each other." ~ Dixie Reid.

Does that sentence negate everything said in the preceding paragraphs in her ad? You can link to and download a PDF file of the text here. Suggesting people are out and out liars, naming names without specifics; even naming the paper in which she placed her ad.

Flip - flop!


Phil said...

This is why I hate politics, on all levels. One side calls the other a "cancer" and the other side responds with "liars!" I view both groups as being on the fringe. The vast majority of citizens don't care. Witness the 80% of the population who won't vote next week. I wonder why?

Dogwalkmusings said...

Phil, I think you've hit the nail on the head. All the name calling accomplishes nothing. It does nothing more than diminish the process. Who loses? We do. Does anyone care? We'll see won't we.

stebbijo said...

When I read Dixie's full page ad that probably cost her an entire hour's work - $700+ --

I was very appreciative of the mention in her ad:

"Niles", "Whitecaps" and friends on the "Blogs"


Also, the "cancer" was an analogy -it was not name calling.

Today - at least for me, politics was FUN! FUN! FUN!