Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Reality Check

My generation never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes we just won't face reality even if it's staring us in the face every time we look in the mirror.

Why is it women over 60 cling to Hillary? Why is it a lot of us give McCain a pass on his age? Look at the picture. This is not a man in the best physical shape! Whether it's because of medications, too many hamburgers on the campaign trail or just plain age I have no idea. But the photo does speak volumes.

His politics aside, it would be prudent to keep his age in mind. He'll be 72 when he takes office. Is he really up to the stress?? He showcases his 95 year old mother, touting her spunk and longevity. We're not electing her. Has she had cancer? I know she did not spend five plus years in as a POW. Don't think for one minute those haven't taken their toll on the man. His choice for a running mate would be crucial if I were ever to consider him.

Sure, we all cheer on our peers who are still full of vim and vigor. I just question if leading our country is where they should be expending it. He claims to have the "experience" and "leadership" abilities to do so. He has no more than any other candidate who has spent time in the Senate. They claim to be the greatedst deliberative body in the world. What have they done of late? The last I heard was Arlen Specter poking his nose into professional football because of the Patriots' ongoing cheating allegations. Sitting on committees, or even chairing them, is not exactly the type of "experience" they'd like us to believe.

So many are going to disagree with me. But as the Kennedy's have recognized, their glory days are past. So are ours. It's time for a younger generation to come forward and take the reins. And it's time for us to let them.

In an AFP article discussing the pros and cons of McCain's age, one man was quoted as saying, "If he can survive six years in a North Vietnamese prison, he can survive the White House." If he were the same age as he was when released I'd be far more inclined to agree.

Tonight will be a test of our aging stamina and conviction. The weather in many crucial parts of the country is terrible. Locally, we're in the process of getting another 2 to 5 inches of white stuff. Let's see how many of the over 60 women venture out for Hillary and how many seniors venture out - period.

Or is it time to let go of the bicycle seat.

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Camellia Underhill said...

If our ultimate choice is either McCain or Hillary....be afraid America, be very afraid!