Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Time For You To Go

I read a piece not long ago that claimed those who fantasize over celebrities, who they'll never meet, are suffering a mental illness. I don't know that I totally agree. Sometimes a good fantasy is healthy. I have them. Politicians surely have them. Certainly no one would accuse them of being mentally challenged, would they?

Take Mike Huckabee and John Edwards for example. Neither are pulling more than 15% in the polls. Huckabee is staying in until the final delegate count is tallied, or so he says. Edwards has at least had the good graces to "suspend" his candidacy. He is, however, being coy about endorsing either of the front runners.

My fantasy is for both of them to disappear. I do not like the idea of those having no chance for the nomination holding viable candidates hostage for delegates. Even worse is holding candidates hostage in hopes of the Vice Presidential nod or a Cabinet position. If you're going to endorse someone, do it and go away - or campaign for them. Let them win the delegates they need on their own merit.

If one hasn't been able to generate the support to compete why should the potential nominees want to include you in their Cabinet or have you for a running mate?

Politicking has nothing to do with common sense. It has everything to do with power. The voters didn't want you, the front runners probably don't, but you're willing to do harm to one who is viable by drawing votes away from him or her in hopes of having an ego boosting bone tossed in your direction.

Such is the way of politics. It is the antithesis of my fantasy. But I have another waiting in the wings - fantasizing that Hillary can move on without the tear factor.

Dwelling on such probably is a sign of mental frailty!

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