Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Big Dig

Things are looking much better this morning. The sky was blue, the wind subdued. The overnight snowfall was no more than an inch. Bacchus and I took our whole walk. I figured if he could make snow angels every few yards he could darn well walk for a bit.

Yesterday the community came together to help one another dig out. The Big Dig was organized by KREM 2 in Spokane to help those areas in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene really socked in, dig out.

Neighbors and strangers have been helping since the beginning of this unbelievably snowy season. A few Sundays back when we had about eight inches of snow in the drive a plow equipped truck pulled up to see if we needed help. It was wonderful to see the KREM team pull together an organized effort and in so doing give all those good samaritans some well deserved recognition.

There were the reporters, students, business owners; able neighbors helping the less able. It's what communities do in rough times. In that respect no place does it better than we do. But you know what was missing? I did not see the mayor nor one city council member nor any of our county commissioners out there helping. If they were, I apologize. But with the video rolling I find it hard to believe they couldn't be found!

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Camellia Underhill said...

The commentary portion regarding our "elected officials" was satire...right? A good jest from your talented pen. Queen Sandi and her hand picked, always in agreement council members, don't do volunteer work. Yes, they do show up for photo ops...but not when it involves actually doing something for the greater good. Even a picture isn't worth indulging in altruism. As for the county commissioners, the most physical activity they indulge, is pounding their intrusive signs at election time. Now if we could just get them to retrieve them after the election. No the people who get out and help their neighbors are just the everyday decent humans who believes in "do unto others". Fortunately for humanity, there are more just plain good people than there are politicians.