Monday, April 21, 2008

Politics As Sport - Mud Slinging

One more day. The Pennsylvania primary will be history. Will platitudes win it big for Hillary? Will the idea that she is more the put upon "girl next door" work against elitist Obama? We'll know soon enough.

Hillary being one of the common people is a hoot. To tell the truth, none of the candidates from either party, have much in common with the common man in Pennsylvania. They don't have a lot in common with the common man in any state. There are far more of us who went to a local college or university, if we went at all, then being Ivy League educated with a Yale Law chaser. Yes. Remember Hillary went to Wellesley and Yale Law.

Actually, that's okay with me. I want the next President to be better educated and have more worldly experience than most of us. That's what it's all about. Having the credentials along with the ability to lead - worldwide.

What I don't understand is why it seems perfectly acceptable, even relished by the television personalities, who are supposed to inform us, when the candidates spend more time slinging mud than discussing issues. How many times have I heard one of them utter, "It's politics. I love it!" What kind of sport is it where the name of the game is to annihilate the character of your opponent? A person running for President of the country!

To what end? I see nothing that makes me proud of the spectacle the world is watching. There is nothing to make me think they are more interested in what's good for the country over their own ambitions.

All the talking heads, with their six figure or better salaries, act as though it is just that. Sport. Well, it may be a good giggle for them. They must all have "people" who fill their gas tanks and shop for their groceries. They're still earning enough where the biggest sacrifice they have to make is to downgrade from Johnny Walker Green to Johnny Walker Blue. To me, however, it is dead serious.

Do I sound bitter? Nah. I could never afford it in the first place. What's to be bitter about? You can't miss what you don't know. I do, however, know a little about a shot and a beer. Pittsburgh is where I grew up and after college worked until I married. I'm a Steelers fan. Talk about tough. Shots and beer. You bet. I don't know many Steelers fans who drink Crown Royal as a chaser, what's more sip it!

Forget about being one of "us". You don't fit in my world any more than I fit in yours. That's okay. I have my circle of friends where I'm comfortable and happy. I can have a beer with any one of them at any time. I just want to be proud when I say, "I'm an American and that's my President."


Betty said...

I don't have any sympathy for the media, when they try to bring down the candidates for sport, or just because they think that the facts and truth about the candidates will be boring. If they're bored, let them find some other career. I don't like a system where the winner of the race has to start his new position battered and bruised from cheap shots by the media and their fellow candidates.

Anonymous said...

Well, one must admit, Hillary is pretty common! CU