Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stars and Stripes Are Not Necessarily The Flag!

I shut off the tube early this morning because I couldn't stand listening to George Stephanopolis aggrandizing himself for the great job he did on the debate last week. That ABC allowed the debate moderator to do so figures since it was ABC's debate. It was a debacle. Cokie Roberts continuing to insist the flag pin issue will be one of importance in the general election was the last straw.

But then maybe it should be. Lapel pins may tell you a lot. Look closely at the Clinton photo and compare it with the one above. Both Bill and Chelsea are wearing one. If they aren't Hillary's campaign lapel pins they're the largest and most unusually designed flag pins I've ever seen. And Hillary's lapels? Either of them?

It's of little consequence I'm sure. No one has ever questioned Hillary's patriotism.

Then there is John McCain. No one has ever questioned his patriotism either. To be sure, no need for a flag lapel pin.

Is it only Barack Obama who has to prove his patriotism by symbolism? I rather prefer the way he's doing it. With substance, integrity and dignity.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Im not much into politics, I know I know, thats bad, but I had by far share of all that when I was a union rep when I worked for the Ministry of Defence.... had enough to last me a lifetime lol....

I wanted to fank you for popping over to Twaddle and leaving a post, it was most gratefully received :)...... typing this whilst on a drugged up calm state inbetween the low.....:)