Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fight To The Finish

Yes, the beat goes on. Hillary will take the fight to the convention if things don't proceed the way she wants them to. To what end?

It seems a new organization is being formed, WomenCount PAC, to give Hillary's supporters a voice. "Not so fast," they proclaim as they perceive she is being forced out. "Hillary's voice is our voice and she's speaking for all of us." They've had a voice. And they've used it loud and clear.

Being a woman, I am totally confused. I understand those of my generation being rabidly supportive of Hillary's quest for the presidency. What I don't understand is the tunnel vision that brings them to this point. How can one support another who constantly plays loose with the facts, whines when she thinks the "boys" are picking on her, has hopelessly bungled her campaign by ignoring the possibility that she might have a competitor, and continually tries to bend the rules in her favor. Such a woman does not provide my voice!

An AP article had a paragraph in it that caught my eye.
But the numbers aren't as important as the signal each primary will send to her supporters: She's a fighter, not a quitter, and she's got a future. Even after this race is over.
That message is nothing new. Everyone who watches the news or reads the papers will concede she is a fighter and certainly not a quitter. It doesn't need to be continually shoved down our throats!

She's got a future? Maybe yes, maybe no. Even after this race is over? Maybe yes, maybe no. More and more she looks like a strident spoiled brat who is in a snit because things haven't gone according to her plan. If this continues I should think she may be doing irreparable damage to both her reputation, her future and the viability of any other woman with political ambitions for years to come.

I have to ask my fellow females, is it worth risking the presidency and the future of the country just so this woman can win? Is this the most important goal in your lives?

If you really believe this and she brings down Obama and the party because of it, I hope you'll all be happy with the McCain presidency.


Word Tosser said...

I am woman, hear me roar call I guess.... but woman who vote just because she is a woman... well...
that is just sad...

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

I am a woman, she doesn't speak for me.

Anonymous said...

Yet another female heard from. Before I would vote for horrible Hillary, I would vote for bin Laden. I find it insulting to my gender, that one would vote based only on that fact. I think a woman would be a great president....but not that woman. The fat lady has sung Hil, get over yourself. Yeah...that will happen. Time for the party powers to step in and teach this egotistic, arrogant, narcissistic "broad", to butt out. Pun intended. CU