Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Sense Of Urgency?

I've watched the ongoing coverage about Ted Kennedy today. The last of the old lions, they said of him. At least the last that still is effective.

It is sad under any circumstance, but especially because the old time politicians that could argue all day and still share a belt after hours have all but disappeared. An era soon gone.

I can't help but wonder if Kennedy had an inkling something wasn't quite right within himself as he chose to pass the Kennedy mantle to Barack Obama. A young man. A man of mixed race. An articulate and charismatic man. An intelligent, well educated and accomplished man.

A new face for a new time looking forward. What's past is past. Senator Kennedy, I suspect will fight to see another day, but how many remain to be seen. Senator Obama will fight to establish a new direction in a new era.

Fights will be fought during the days ahead. Each man with a different cause yet a common bond. I wish non-partisan strength to them both.

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Betty said...

I wonder if he feels he is helping to fulfill a dream that his brothers hped to accomplish. Especially RFK was involved in Civil Rights work.