Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is The Die Cast?

I figure by starting now maybe we can get more than 21.37% of the people to the polls in November though I have my doubts.

While the local results did not surprise me, it's always curious why more people don't bother to vote. It can't be the inconvenience factor. Absentee voting is becoming more and more popular. Those who are against vote by mail on the premise that "uninformed" voters may be more inclined to vote should look at the absentee numbers. What's the difference? It is voting by mail!

If it's not inconvenience, it must be a lack of interest. Well, no. That doesn't wash either if you're into the blogging community. The best coverage of yesterday's elections is on Huckleberries this morning. Especially since it includes reactions.

This go round I'm not going to denigrate either the candidates or the voters. The candidates did their part. They got involved and ran for office. With all the rights that have been taken from us lately, I applaud the voters who did their part. They exercised their right. It's one we still have and should exercise!! They've told those who did neither what they think, how they feel and who they want running things. They will have their way.

It will be interesting to see who prevails in November. My guess is it will be pretty much what the primaries are telling us now. If you're not happy with the results you can do something about it. If you voted and the results didn't go the way you'd have liked, well, that's democracy. If you didn't vote and you don't like the results, well, you know, everybody still can. In November!

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voting gives you bitching rights