Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lunatic "Fringe"

In a recent commercial for Dunkin' Donuts, talk show host Rachael Ray was wearing a fringed scarf with a paisley print. Obviously she is not exactly a fashion plate. It makes the image too busy, taking away from the product. At least that's how I see it.

Bear in mind I'm just a simple blogger, not a famous syndicated columnist and Fox News commentator.

That credential belongs to Michelle Malkin who sees the scarf as something entirely different. To her it resembles a kiffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by middle eastern men. Malkin, however sees it as a garment made popular by the late Yassar Arafat and worn by Muslim terrorists as seen in beheading and hostage videos.

Oh, my. It's bad enough our government officials see a potential terrorist in each and every one of us. Now its news commentators. Come on! Rachael Ray?

Take a good look at both. Do you see any resemblance between one and the other? Bingo! Good eyes. They are both black and white!

To add to the lunacy, Dunkin' Donuts caved (oops, wrong connotation) into the furor raised by Malkin's comments and pulled the ad.

I'm going to ask Hub to make the coffee extra strong in the morning. I'm going to need it just to get through the day knowing that while I wait at Starbucks while he gets his hair cut there might be another Rachael Ray lurking behind a newspaper at the table next to me. And knowing the likes of Michelle Malkin are allowed to vote!


Betty said...

Just who in the world is going to believe that Rachael Ray is a terrorist? But, you're right, that scarf is too busy, but I understand that someone else chose it for her.

Word Tosser said...

Oh, got crying out loud. give me a break.... they are nothing alike.
Ms Malkin needs to get a life.

Phil said...

I guess I'd better throw away all the scarves in our house. Wouldn't want Michelle to report me to Homeland Security!

Anonymous said...

I've always what the significance of the spider web pattern on the Arab fabric denotes. Some of these are also red and white...anybody know??? CU