Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An American Original Saved From Extinction

I've been coasting along of late. The news, local, national and worldwide has been depressing me but inevitably something comes along to lift my spirits. No, its not that Bacchus got a clean bill of health from the vet, though that news certainly helped.

It's that an iconic American product is still being manufactured in this country and not only that but the way it always has been on the original equipment. Yep. The kazoo. Oh sure, you can buy cheap imitations made in China, but the original - manufactured at Eden, New York's Original Kazoo Company is a testimony to American ingenuity and sense of history. Some things just should not be outsourced.

So how does one escape having ones business shipped overseas? You turn the plant into a working museum and hire mentally and physically impaired adults for your work force. Wow. What a concept!

What memories. Seeing how the only musical instrument played by humming is made. I can't think of better family entertainment and education all rolled into one experience. You can even make your own. I'm grateful that little stories like these make the light of day. It's so good for my soul.  Thank you NBC!

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Idaho Escapee said...

Ms. Dogwalker...I'll have you know that the lowly KAZOO actually was featured on a #1 hit record...back in 1974, Paul McCartney played kazoo on Ringo Starr's rendition of "You're Sixteen". So there ya go.