Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now, Bill...

Now, Bill. Being a sore loser is unbecoming - especially for you, a former two term President of the United States of America. Not the United States of Clinton.

I give you credit for being loyal to your wife but its all over for this presidential cycle. Your terse indication of support for Obama indicates you're still in a snit. Hillary is handling matters with much more grace.

Just a thought, sir, if you want to remain a power within the Democratic party, get over it. That your popularity has survived this long considering your indiscretions of both word and deed is a gift I'd deem undeserved. I wonder why the Democrats feel compelled to cling to the past, no matter how unsavory. But then the Republicans do the same.

The future will find you fading from the limelight. It is inevitable. It will be difficult for you but if you accept it with dignity and embrace the Obamas of the party you can yet be seen as a grand elder statesman and mentor of the up-and-coming. It is said you are concerned with your legacy with which Hillary becoming President was to be a part. Not everything works out as we'd prefer.

One given, however, if you cannot curb your narcissistic needs, you'll fade away faster than a bat in the night. That will be your legacy, a narcissistic, undisciplined spoiler. If you really care about Hillary's future and her legacy as well as your own; if you really want a shot at being considered the first family of the Democratic party for the immediate future if not longer, get a grip and grow up while people still care.

It's Obama's turn now. He has earned it. He is the future. If this is something you cannot or will not acknowledge you'll get left in the dust of momentum.

Faded "blue", I should think, is better left to denim.


Betty said...

Bill has always been Hillary's biggest handicap. Considering the unfortunate things he said during the primaries, I wonder if he was just a tad jealous, and maybe sub-consciously wanted her to lose. Just my armchair analysis, you understand. lol

Dogwalkmusings said...


A tad? He wasn't the center of attention! Seriously, I've wondered that too. I think he may be too self centered to be able to share in her successes unless it somehow would benefit him.

Anonymous said...

Betty, I said the same thing. As much as he would have liked to return to the WH, I believe that he could'nt stand the idea of her becoming president (first time I ever agreed with him).

As for his "loyalty" to Hillary, it seems to be rather selective don't you think! CU

Word Tosser said...

Yes, he jumped into bed with the Bushes to boost his own ego (remember Bush Sr and he with the Karina bit and etc)
The best thing Hil could do is ship him out of the country for about 8 years...or more..