Sunday, June 22, 2008

Browkaw Good Interim Choice For "Meet The Press"

I wasn't surprised to read that NBC has chosen Tom Brokaw to host Meet the Press through November. He lends his stature as the elder statesman of NBC News and gives management time to asses the potential of not only other NBC personnel but also superb talent outside the NBC family.

It will be a balancing act. While I didn't think Russert was as good as claimed in following up unanswered tough questions, he knew how to balance the "push". There are few of his fellow talking heads that have that ability. Personality counts, intellect counts even more.

Whoever finally sits in that seat will have quite a legacy to live up to. Russert was able to keep the keel even enough that guests returned and as is reported, considered coming away and still looking good a challenge.

One thing to remember, however, no matter who you are - presidential candidate, senator or former press secretary - if you write a book you'll also go on The Daily Show.

That should keep everything in perspective!

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